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    What Clients Say

    "After a bad experience with another computer company, we were looking for a someone to completely overhaul our network. Eddie explained the process we would go through, took all of our concerns into consideration, and created a timeline to accomplish the project with the budget we decided on and the time frame we needed."

    - Patrick C.

    "I thought that my files were gone when my laptop died. Eddie was able to get all of my documents and quickbooks data onto my desktop. I now have a backup procedure in place and I have less to worry about."

    - Andrea N.

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We are proficient and have a proven track record in areas where IT infrastructure intersects with a growing business.

Network Services

Networks are the backbone of a business - as such they must be kept in configurations that are strong, redundant, and flexible. Without reliable and secure networks, you risk the possibility of downtime. In production environments, downtime is lost money, and no one can afford to lose money.

From workstation-class systems for business, to RGB gaming computers: a custom computer gives you the opportunity to choose the color of your computer, the shape, and specific performance components of the system. Our builds outperform and outlast others because we use quality components from reliable manufacturers.

A website is wonderful tool to reach a broader client base and display the talents of a business in written form with the help of captivating images. We offer web development services: from written content creation to management and redesign of websites that have fallen behind in terms of functionality and visual appeal.